SRINUANSA is a company based in Malaysia consisting of people from Content Creation, Advertising, Media, Skincare and Health background. We share the ideas of promoting eco-friendly and genuine natural based products. We hope to extend this journey to those who share the same ideas in becoming sustainable and ecological.

OUR PRODUCTS consist of:

Moor Facial Bar and Konjac Facial Sponge
Moor Facial Bar are facial bars made in Switzerland. It is a creation of the peat bog variations which is known to be used thousands of years in Europe and North Africa. It has a truly miraculous effect, and may be used for all types of skins. Konjac Facial Sponge are derived from the Konjac Bamboos widely used for consumptions in Japan, Korea and China. For thousands of years, it has proven to be excellent for diverse health purposes. Our Konjacs are 100% imported and when formulated into sponge, it exfoliates dead skins and promotes the growth of new skin cells. Easy to use, it gives instant refreshens and improves the skin textures effectively.